Draw a picture of your family

Draw a picture of your family

Drawing of a family of 3

Another thing that is necessary to clarify is that the drawings can help us to discover the existence of problems, but will not give us much information about the content of the same. It is also important to select the drawing that we want the person to make, since it is not the same to draw a tree, a human figure, a house or a family; and each one will provide us with different information.

We hope these tips will be useful, and we encourage you to draw with your children and encourage them to do it, because as you can see, through the drawings we can get a lot of information about how they are and how they are.

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What is the family drawing?

The “Family Drawing Test” is a projective test that fundamentally evaluates the emotional state of a child with respect to his or her adaptation to the family environment (2, 3, 4). Although there are several versions, the most widely used technique in current clinical practice is the one described by Louis Corman in 1961 (2).

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What do you call a family that has no children?

Definition Type of family. Unipersonal: it has no family nucleus and consists of only one person. Composite: also lacks a nuclear family, and is made up of two or more people, who may or may not be related. Childless: a family nucleus consisting of a couple without children.

How to make a family

The miniseries “Roots” was a cultural phenomenon that influenced millions of viewers to seek out their own roots. While writing the book, Haley did extensive genealogical research at the General Archives, and once the series aired, letters to the General Archives tripled and requests to use the facility increased by 40%.

If you are interested in your family history, a good starting point is to create a family tree.Family Tree Diagram (click to modify online)A family tree is a graphical representation of a person’s ancestry, tracing relationships to common ancestors. Graphically similar to an organizational chart, this diagram is generally presented with a tree structure that starts with a person as the root. From the root, lines representing branches end in boxes representing leaves. Each leaf represents a family member, with information such as birth, marriage and death dates.

A family to draw

Through your child’s drawings and their evolution you can learn about their character traits (whether they are nervous or calm); their cognitive maturity; how they live their relationship with their environment (aggressive, confident/insecure); or whether or not they present an emotional conflict (jealousy, low self-esteem, etc.).

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2.      Give him/her lots of colors, colorful and plenty of paper so that he/she can be sure that, even if he/she does not draw well, he/she can draw many more. Ask him to paint whatever he wants, try not to give him clues, but if he needs some to get started, do it.

6.     If you notice that your child is having trouble communicating, or you sense that he is suffering from something, you can use the drawing technique to express his emotions, especially his fears and worries. Once you have some of them, if you consider it appropriate, go to the specialist who, together with other tools, will complete the diagnosis to help your child.

How to draw a family of 5

1- Application guidelines2- General suggestions3- Keys for the interpretation of the drawing of the family:3A- Analysis of the family group3B- Individual analysis of each character4- Case studies

The form adopted by the outline can define some characteristics: predominance of curved forms is associated to capacity of adaptation, sensitivity, imagination, sociability, extraversion; on the other hand, straight and angular forms indicate will, tenacity, but also, if these are manifested with very elongated, exaggerated outlines with ascending tendency, they can suppose hostility towards the exterior, impulsive or aggressive conducts.

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The ears allow us to listen and a correct drawing of them is related to an interest in learning, in integrating external information. When they are large and very rounded, they indicate low self-esteem and the possibility of poor school performance.

The legs provide us with stability, capacity of movement, freedom. Long legs can symbolize a need for stability, firmness, security. If they are excessively long: desire to grow, to grow up, to acquire the adult model quickly. Short but well-proportioned legs: stability, control of reality, robustness, tendency towards the practical rather than the ideal (touching feet on the ground).

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